BSB60120 – Advanced Diploma Of Business

Key Information


37 WEEKS (2 Terms)
55 WEEKS (3 Terms)


March / July / October
March / July / October


2 TERMS CRICOS: 097252M4


A$22,450* (2 Terms)
A$30,800* (3 Terms)
Course Overview

The BSB60120 – Advanced Diploma of Business will help you develop the practical skills you need to think of great business strategies and innovative ideas. The course covers a wide range of business functions and organisational development like marketing, advertising, HR planning and finance to take your first step up to the next level.

This qualification reflects the role of individuals with significant expertise in either specialised or broad areas of skills and knowledge who are seeking to further develop expertise across a range of business functions.

The qualification is suited to the needs of individuals who possess significant theoretical business skills and knowledge that they would like to develop in order to create further educational or employment opportunities.

Location Of Course Delivery

This course is delivered from Atlantis College of Management at Melbourne city campus which is located on Level 14 ,474 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Victoria.

Course Duration And Delivery Mode

Delivery of the course is based on 20 hours face to face delivery per week over a period of 78 WEEKS (including 18 weeks holidays*).

Assessment Methods And Facilities

This course is delivered face-to-face, through a combination of tutorials and computer lab workshops.

Assessment will occur through a variety of methods, including projects incorporating role-plays, case studies and short answer questions

Equipment includes: Fully Equipped Computer Labs, Business Software and student PCs, Printed and online Resources. Spacious classrooms, free internet access.

Entry Requirements

You must be 18 years of age or over and be able to provide evidence of Year 12 or an equivalent literacy and numeracy level.

Domestic Students: High school certificate or copy of the highest level of qualification
International Students:
Must meet the minimum English Language Proficiency Requirements including:
Have an IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent (test results must be no more than 2 years old); or
Have studied in English for at least five years in an English-speaking country (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom or United States)
Have successfully completed in Australia a foundation course or a senior secondary certificate of education or a substantial part of a Diploma or higher-level qualification within the last 2 years; or
Have successfully completed a Language, Literacy and Numeracy Test and achieved a minimum CSPA scale score of 110
Students must have prior vocational experience in Business or related studies.


Upon successful completion of this course, students may gain employment in a wide range of industry sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include senior administrator and senior executive.

The course develops advanced knowledge in contemporary business. This is complemented with skills development focusing on critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and social aspects. Use this qualification to gain credit for the University Degree in Business.

Course Structure

To attain an BSB60215 – Advanced Diploma of Business, competency in the following 8 units must be achieved:




Ensure a Safe workplace for a work area


Lead and Manage Organisational change


Contribute to Strategic workforce planning


Develop and Implement Business Plans


Manage employee and industrial relationships


Provide Leadership across the organisation


Manage Organisational Finances


Apply Critical Thinking for complex problem solving


Lead Corporate Social Responsibility


Review Organisational Digital Strategy

Alumni Students Testimonial

Saw Myat Thwe
Saw Myat Thwe
Read More
I’m Saw, I am currently studying the Diploma of Business course at Atlantis College of Management. It’s a place where I can learn what I want and what I am interested in. It’s a really fun atmosphere and I enjoy studying here. The reason why I am enjoying it is that the trainers are professional in their related fields and the class room has provided many amenities and resources that we need for studying. I enjoy studying at Atlantis College because it’s trustworthy !
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Hello I am from Malaysia, As international student in Melbourne, I feel excited and proud to be part of Atlantis College of Management while attending my EAL III course. The institution has great facilities such as classrooms, computer rooms and library, and pantry. Our class is always filled with joy of learning. Moreover, we have a caring, dedicated and informative teacher in our class. Our level of confidence has improved under her guidance
Sehee Oh
Sehee Oh
South Korea
Read More
I am from South Korea. I am very happy with Atlantis.The teacher and participants are very supportive, encouraging and importantly the school actually cares about providing us with the best environment! Academic structure are really good. Also the school organizes many events for students. I ‘ve been learning many new vocabulary, better grammar, social conversation, and idioms.. I can feel my English is improving because of Atlantis’s support.. I really thank to the school for everything.
Charlyn Ocdinaria
Charlyn Ocdinaria
Read More
I am studying Diploma of Business in Atlantis College, I found this course challenging for me as my background is in the health care sector. So far, in my first month here in Atlantis college, my trainer has been really helpful in completing the tasks. The people here are really approachable any time and friendly I don’t hesitate to ask if I have any concerns.

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